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Welcome to the words out of the weird thoughts of this weird guy.(Thats me!)

Who am I?
This is when the about page comes in handy 😉

What I write about?
Life, Love, Gods, Motivation, basically Anything and Everything my mind takes a halt on and I can overcome the laziness, give words to my thoughts and put them on a paper.

What I post here?
I am promising myself to post a variety of my contents I find good enough to share around. I created this blog back in February 2015, posted my first post on December 2015, and followed a consistency of 5 posts in the whole year. SO PROUD OF MYSELF! But maybe this year could be different, we together can make it great right!
Also, I might even start reviewing books.

Year 2016: A good bye to all the old posts!

Year 2017: Looking forward to have a number of at least 100 posts, at a count of around two weekly posts, in this great year.

Hope you have a great time going through my blog posts!