My Broken Heart

She broke my heart on a usual day,
She didn’t even let me complete my pray,
She was afraid, I might have asked her back,
She just left me here and here I lay.

I have loved her with  all I had,
Crazy for her, you can call me Mad,
Deep in the love, Lost to everything else,
And She returned me this, I lay dead.

She gave me reasons, I had never done,
I told her things, Again she can never earn,
Hard to think, What went wrong
“I got someone better,” what I learned.

She gave me pain, hard to bear,
“You are my everything,” I used to hear
“Promise for life, we will never get apart,
If we ever did, You can find me here,”
She was faking that, Her absence make it clear,
She ruined everything, even the most precious part,
“Would I live again,” Am in a dark fear.
“Why have you done this, oh my dear?”
She left me here, with My Broken Heart,
My Heart cries, and red are the tears.

She left me here, nothing she gained,
I have tried to give her the most I can,
Even after all, how does this end
I lost everything and now nothing to regain.

Please someone help, I want to live again,
Memories of her are making me insane
Heal My Heart and stitch my wounds,
Stop my blood to go down the drain,
My Broken Heart bleeds and My body is in pain.


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