I sit down here, and count the days,
As i hold my breath and imagine the plays.
‘I love you more,’ your voice echoes in my head.
Those weird expressions of yours, i try copying like a mad.
I look at your pictures and my face blooms,
And i keep craving to meet you soon

I crave every moment to hold your beautiful face,
Leaving those little curves for my lips to trace.
To feel you close, and look deep down your eyes,
Have you touch my heart, as our beats synchronize.
To hear your lovely voice, and let our silence sing a song,
To keep admiring, and make every smile of you last long.
To fondle your neck and breathe through your hair,
To caress your body and show how much i care.
To play with your hands, and dance around with your soul,
To have my world reside in you, to pour you in my deep holes.
To live a life with you, and wish for it to end never,
To be all yours and have you all mine. To adore you forever.


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