The Beginning of the End

21st December 2012.

There are rumours out there that the world is supposed to end today. I believe it wont this soon, moreover I don’t want it to end it this soon. I am still a virgin, and if by any chance it does, I will have a hard time finding someone in the only three hours left for the date to change. Yeah that’s the first thing going in my head tonight. Or wait, is the end scheduled according to the PT or EST timezone ? In any case I got a little more hours.
Stupid theories. Some wrong misinterpretation of some Mayan prophecy, which I am not at all interested in diving into at this hour of the day.

The day went same as the normal ones, just the “2012” theory added a nice flavor and increased the range of questions we asked to each other while playing the game of truth and dare back in the class. My hand which had gotten a minor fracture a few days back had shown improvements, but not enough for me to join the game of red hands which other continued after ToD. Also, I would have preferred to not play the game, she sat directly in front, and I would have never risked admiring her at the cost of some game.

She looked better today, and I wish she could often break the two pony rules of our school and comb her hairs like she had them today. They contrasted a lot with her smile.

I was standing there next to my bench, after the game had ended, unwrapping the cramp bandage, as I was to go out of the classroom and wash my hands. I still had my thoughts aligned to her, and my eyes slowly moved around to look for her. She was looking at me, and I waited for her to look away so I can admire her for a little more. Damn, she went on staring for longer than she ever had. I just wanted her to look away, not realising that maybe that was a good sign, but only if I had enough courage to look straight into her face.

My eyes couldn’t wait any longer, they moved on their own. My hand still ached a little, and all I wanted was to look at her and divert my head from the pain. Her bottle was against her lips, sucking the water slowly out  and turning me jealous. A second later, I was looking in her eyes, no other body part of her mattered anymore, I was looking deep in her eyes.

The bandage slipped out of my hands, as our eyes got locked and I dared not to move them away. She smiled softly, god why did she, though that was not the first time she had neither that was her brightest, but for the first time I saw her smile getting reflected through her eyes. That smile belonged to me. That moment belonged to us. My hand felt no pain. I felt no hand at all. I didn’t feel my legs, or anything except my heart waiting to burst out with joy.

I felt the whole world around me collapse and turn to sparkles, but nothing brighter than the smile in front of my eyes. I could feel an end to everything that I ever had, and alive with some new energy at the same time. I just had fallen in love.

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