New Year, New Me?

A week into another year, a week into new resolutions and a week into trying to get on the path. Even has a good length article about New Year’s Resolution, describing about the regions where it is famous and different religious origins to the tradition. It also stats about a study by Richard Wiseman where he found that 88% of those who had set new year resolution fail.

How good are you keeping up with your new year resolutions?
Let’s start with me. I was quiet on the track last year, as I didn’t set a single one and when you have a list of zero elements, you certainly are not required to cut things off of it. I was so assured of myself that I was not going to complete a single one of them. The very same goes for more than 50% people in and out of my circle, and if you are someone who does not belong to that circle, hit me up. I could always use some motivation. Having a list of things you want to change in yourself already takes you a step ahead of me, and you can pull me over there.

I started the last year with a bang at a friend’s party-  high on hash, alcohol, nicotine, love and at the end of the year I was sitting at a park bench, high on myself. The last year wasn’t actually a disappointment but during the time I was sitting at that bench and having a million thoughts going inside my head, I didn’t find myself pleased at all. I couldn’t look at a single accomplished goal, as I never had a list of it.

How did it go for you? Or How is this gonna be in this another year?
The same study by Richard Wiseman (yeah, I didn’t go much into the research phase) enlists that breaking your goals into smaller measurable ones and making them public to your group of friends helps in achieving fruitful results.


Moving eight days forward from the bench to the chair in my room, and being equally thoughtful and enthusiastic about earning something great from this year, I have got a myself a list. A list of goals broken into smaller achievable weekly goals, and I have made sure to set the visibility mode of this post to public.

  • Two articles for every week – Another failure was to look back at this blog during the last week and having just a number of five posts in the whole god damn year.
    • Complete My 500 Words: A Writing Challenge by Jeff Goins
    • A month of articles on one word prompt from The Daily Post
  • One book for every week – Setting a goal to read 40 books on Goodreads and not even completing a half of that really felt a huge failure.
  • Programming – If I would have ever set a list in the past 5 years of my life, Programming would have always missed out. Something I didn’t myself much enthusiastic before the college. I pretty want to explore this one, turn it into a deeper passion before having a goal.
  • People! A new person a week (?) – I am an introvert but still sitting at home for a year and half, and not getting acquainted with a single new person seems to trouble me a lot. Humans aren’t that bad after all.
  • Français Je parle un peu français. Ironically enough thats the only sentence I remember in the language.
  • Health – I want to dedicate this year to myself, to good days, to good health. Two liters a day! Let me go get a glass of water.

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