A World in a Corner

‘Once upon a time…’

I would sit in a corner of my room for hours and hours and go on scribbling across the pages of my notebook, giving words to the fantasies and imaginations that lived in my head. Aligned to the small chair, I created a world of mine in that corner, where I had my own numerous knights, my enormous dragons and a lot of tricky wizards. Across my small desk, they went for wars against each others. The stack of my notebooks turned to their high mountains, and my pens became their deadliest weapons. The small battleground of theirs became larger than the playground outside.

‘The last dragon died as the old wizard…’ I was writing through the pages one fine day, moving towards the climax of another story. The dragons were at the perk of losing the war, against the wizards. I was upgraded to another class, resulting in the loss of the books from the stack. It became easier for the wizards to reach the top of the mountain. Before I could write further, find some way for the dragons to have another chance, a huge techno invasion took over. A big machine landed over the battleground, rising higher than the book stacks. My father bought us a computer and the best place to keep it according to him was my desk.

For the first one month, I stayed away from it. My father had bought the desktop for his office work, but the longer it stayed there, the harder it became for me to control myself and not dwell in it. I took over the desk again and soon it turned into my personal computer. Once again, I was sitting in the same corner, for hours and hours. Only difference, sometimes I was a space cadet, hitting tilt after tilt and sometimes I was a minesweeper hitting mines after mines.

Eventually, my old imaginations found this new thing as friendly as me. They returned back to my thoughts. My characters crawled out through the paint window, more vivid than they had ever been, and their stories shining bright in the text files of notepad. I would brainstorm myself long and long to get the clips in the movie maker to an appropriate length that looked good enough. The computer screen was their new battleground, and it looked better than their previous one. Just a click and it so fast changed from the green grasslands to high gray mountains.

“Check it out!” I would send my files to my friends and jump around in my room every time they praised them. It always feels better when something you did is appreciated and loved.
“You should show your stories to more people.” A few of them would suggest me but none would ever advise me on how to not be a lazy person and not sit in your room all day. And that’s when Google comes to the rescue. Another click and it provided me numerous solutions to each small problem of mine.

  •  Create a Blog

And I went with that, starting my own blog, taking my stories and characters to more readers, creating a connection between the world in my imaginations and their real world. My thoughts synchronized with some of them, my characters fought another battle over their screen. Some were won and some lost. The bigger the number of characters and the stories got, the higher the win rate. People liked my stories.

Ten years since the day I got my first computer, I still sit in the same corner, my stories reaching to more people than I ever imagined. Sometimes the whole world seems right above my desk, just on the opposite side of this screen.


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