Me and Words!

I do not want to die.

“That’s silly. We all will die one day.” Someone from you would point me out here.
But NO, I do not want to die, neither today nor tomorrow, not in any day to come. Yet every morning when I wake up I am afraid. Afraid of dying, afraid that I will be forgotten after I am gone or worse, I would not be remembered at the first place.

 Who am I?

A rather hard question to answer. To the few friends I got, I am the guy who sits or once sat on one of the bench in their class, the guy who hangs out with them on the weekends Or the one who talks weird conversation on the phone. But you, the new person, Who am I to you? Why are you here? Those people will remember me, some for some days, and some for long enough. But I want to be remembered by you. I want to befriend you as well, today.

If you want to live after you die –
Either write something worth reading
or do something worth writing.
– Benjamin Franklin

That’s the reason I write. To reach the people who can’t reach me. To live after I die. To be remembered when I return back to the old places and the people.

I write because I have thoughts in my head. I write because there are characters breathing fire in my solitude. I write so maybe one day my deeds can inspire someone. I write because when I wake up, the urge to live another day and write it is more than any fear of being dead. Most of all, I write because I want you to read it. 😛


45 thoughts on “Me and Words!

  1. What happens when we die? it just silence or something else..too many questions left unanswered..these thoughts make our mortality pale before our very obvious and inevitable end…you are right , one of the reasons i write is to leave my imprints on the timeline..

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  2. Arjun

    Living only so you can be remembered later is not quite the best approach to life. Caring about other people liking you and remembering you isnt the idea behind living. Yes if you do something remarkable and everyone benefits from it then you’ve lived a life worth remembering.

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    1. Hey Arjun, firstly sorry, but idk why wordpress marked your comment spam.
      And yes I do agree we should live a life that satisfies just one soul, ours, at our deathbed. But satisfaction for me is what this post says. I wanna go to places, imaginary or real, and cone back and tell those stories to people. Thats what’s gonna give me the satisfaction. Its not about being loved or not, its about the will to do something for which i could be loved.
      Thanks for reading the post. Have a nice day 🙂

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    1. Haha, first of all thank you for being courageous and stopping by my blog. The gravatar is just because i couldn’t think of any alternative to it. Will change it soon xD
      And thanks a lot Dora! Words like these always motivates me. 🙂

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  3. “I write because there are characters breathing fire in my solitude.” ❤ can’t agree more and the other one too. I think it is scary to be lost in oblivion once gone but the work survives.
    On the lighter note, of course we all want people to read our work, it keeps us motivated😄❤

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    1. Thank you, but alas, I am still keeping those characters caged. They haven’t found the way out yet. But soon they will xD
      Yes the work will survive. Even though there are days when I feel I still have no such work to create that big difference. And that’s again when I am afraid to die.
      And btw, that last line, why does it feel like an invitation to your blog? xDD

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      1. I’m certain your creative and lively mind will come up something huge which your heart has been longing for, just let your characters out!
        I was trying to make you feel like you’re not alone in this by my last line. If you wish to visit my blog, you’re more than welcome☺


  4. Ahaaan! Samepinch then. ☺ Even I have this feeling to inspire people through my writing so that they remember me when I’m gone. Loved your thoughts. And loved this too, ” I write because there are characters breathing fire in my solitude.” 😃 Beautiful. Keep writing. Following you to read more of your posts. 😇


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