The Kind Words…

“Give me the link to your blog, I want my mom to read your posts.”
It had been ten years since I was writing, giving words to the fantasies in my head, creating cheesy poems for school crushes, and nothing had ever made me feel better than the text on my screen at that moment. Though I was in seven heavens when my first crush liked the poem I wrote for her. But sadly, two days later her boyfriend praised me for that as well. #StayAwayFromMyGirlAlert.

That text made my day. This friend already was turning into a fan, read all my posts in a single night, and that text added up to my happiness. Moreover, for the first time I was going to have an adult’s views on my writings. It got me excited.

“That prologue is incredibly awesome. Did you write it?” Four out of Five people asked me the same question, yet I am more thankful to the ones who didn’t, the ones who believed I could write something that good. ‘The prologue’, my first attempt at fantasy writing was classified as a professional’s work by half of my friends, while it seemed as another normal write-up to me.( Cause I basically consider all my write ups as great pieces xD.) Jokes apart, I didn’t care if it was that good or not, but hearing that from them boosted me up to write it further.

Appreciation can make a dayeven change a life.
Your willingness to put it into words is all that is necessary.
– Margaret Cousins

I once jumped out of my chair, on receiving a text which read someone cried because of an article of mine.(Yeah, not so good of me!) But hey, I had tears myself, while reading those texts from them. And tell me how are you gonna feel, when a smoke hater friend of yours tell you that your article about smoking mesmerized them so much that they wanted to try it once. #YouShouldRatherNot

Every time a similar message, a comment or anything related pops up on my screen, it increases the satisfaction to have done something. The base is to do something for ourself, and that is the sole reason I write, cause I wanted to, but finding other people connect and feel good about it makes me happier.
100Sitting on this side of the screen, I am thankful to every person who stop by this post, to my friends or the people visiting. I am thankful to everyone reading my writings, who share their support and love with me, cause it’s you, who makes me want to do more than I can.

Also, feel free to share your reviews about anything, as thats what will help me grow the most.

Appreciation is a key to Wonders.
Stop by for a second, please be kinder to someone.


39 thoughts on “The Kind Words…

  1. The same happened with me brother .. but I ended up having a date with my crush ( sorry for that !!) 😋 and what happened next ??? 😂😂 I have mentioned that story on my haiku “two empty cups” .. But what matters is that people start liking your thoughs , your ideas, your creativity and that is the greatest feeling in the world 😃 your story reminds me of mine .. stay happy and keep writing 🙂👍

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Forgot to mention that i didnt take her boyfriend seriously at all 😉😁
      I will soon read the haiku of yours..
      And yes exactly, what happens is they start connecting to our thoughts, they connect to our characters and live as if they were them, and giving someone that feeling is one of the best..

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Actually he stood in front of me and was like, “bhai, poems sahi likhta hai tu.” And then cracked a joke on my hairstyle and went away.
      Tried my best to have him like the next one equally 😉😂😂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Yayyy! I really enjoyed reading this post! 😃 It feels sooooo good when someone actually puts efforts into reading our work, especially those looooong writeups. 😂 I liked your way of expressing yourself. Btw, congratulations for the 100 followers! 😃


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