The Bald Man

If you will ask me what I was doing in that train compartment last night, the explanation will be a hard one. You better please don’t. It was late, later than the supposed time. The short hand had already struck eleven, chances of it hitting twelve or even one until I would have reached home. Even my father’s bothersome calls were all over my phone.

“The function took a little longer. I will inform you as I reach the station.” I had to pick it up when the call rang for the third time. Getting him worried was a harm to myself. Plus, i didn’t want my battery to drain completely before I reached home.

That was a “you should be fucking worried” situation for me though, a real one, as getting a ride back home from the station at that hour is a tough one, tougher when you are a little drunk and doesn’t have enough pennies in your wallet, which was the exact situation of mine.

I looked around, keeping my phone back in my pocket. The temperature was a little hot, and opening the window did not hit me at all. Instead I let my hair loose, they had gotten pretty long in the past two months, and continued the hum over the playing song. The best hope I saw that time was this man sitting two seats away, looking at me back. I didn’t know him, not even scarcely, but when I entered inside the train, I had a quiet feeling to sit next to him, which due to some reasons I didn’t follow. Of course, the reason being the whole compartment was empty and I wanted a full seat for myself.

He looked decent at first though, a young, possibly still in his late-twenties, office man, formal clothes, tie still around the neck, and an amusing shaved head. He looked rich, someone you would not expect to be traveling in a local train. Maybe he was returning back directly from the office and his car got something something, but wait, you should never be fast enough to make the assumptions.

‘What if he is from the same area as me?’ Okay, that’s quiet a nonsense, but anyway my mind was not at all in any condition of making much senseful thoughts at that moment.

I looked at him, through the corner of my eyes, moving my face a little down and rubbing my hairs. That’s my attempt at trying to make my gawk look a little ambiguous. I failed at that too, he was still looking at me, his stare hard and that vanished all my urges to go further with him.

I sat back normal, trying to admire the distant light from the window, or the moving trees, and then looking around in the compartment to check at him again. He was not staring anymore, not the same way but still his presence made me feel uneasy. I was scared, a little, but I was. More because I was dizzy, and the trip felt like it wasn’t enough worthy.

I rubbed my face for the fifth time, pulled my hair back with one hand and drank a little water with another, little enough to not empty the bottle. I could never have gained enough courage to go ask the man if he had any after the bottle would have emptied.

‘Oh damn,’ he was staring at me again. I tried to ignore him, and focused more on my hair. It had been four days since I last washed them, properly. I set that as the first task to perform the next morning, and my eyes met his again. He was staring hard now, directly at my face.

‘What the hell is your problem?’ I wanted to erupt out, walk straight to him, hold him by the collar of his so nice looking shirt and ask that. I also decided the exact spot to hit on his shining head, if he created further troubles, but first I convinced myself to wait few more seconds.

Say what you want but you NEVER say it with violence!
– Gerard Way

I returned the stare back, looking directly in his eyes. He wasn’t exactly looking at my face. His eyes were more focused on my hands. Oh wait, my hair actually.


39 thoughts on “The Bald Man

    1. I so wanted to add those details in the story, but it required a bit more time to come up with something that could rest the curiosity.
      And usse acha hai ki let people just stay curious. I aint that brave enough to pull such tasks😂😂😂😂
      Plus, the day my hair gets longer than usual, ghar wale bimaar ghoshit kar dete hai😂😂

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha. Well would you believe me that while writing it, the parts where one expects violence, blood, abuse, rape and murder.. I had a thought about your writings and actually turning it into something dark? But then again, i felt the plot twist will go better this time😂😂😉

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Haha.. wow this is the second time someone said this to me! (Remembering me and thinking of a dark twist) I’m honoured yo!
        Changing it to a hilarious twist seems to be a much greater choice!
        I was literally lolling at the end of this post!

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Ah thanks a lot again for reading and liking it. Happy blogging to you as well.
      This line from your about me page, “I can’t be just one thing.” That’s very me too. High Five! I use it as, “Jack of all but Master of one.”

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You’re welcome ☺
        Back at you!
        But I’m afraid I disagree with you here. You see “Jack of all….” statement is a little negative to me, I mean it’s not like me and you aren’t masters of anything, I guess we all are of something.
        So I mean we are more in addition to that one thing of which we are masters! Now you can be masters or jacks of those other things, depending upon your dedication ☺😄
        Did that make any sense?


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