The Artists!

“What’s your type of girl?” Her fingers curled around her hairs(or hair?) as she asked me this question.
“Is there something wrong with your hairs?” I tried to get close and take a little advantage. Her hairs(or hair?) were gorgeous, and never would I leave a chance to feel them.
“NO! I think it’s just hair, you don’t put the s there.” She pushed me away, more engrossed in her questions than a romantic moment between us. “Tell me na, what’s your type of girl?” Continue reading “The Artists!”


The Kind Words…

“Give me the link to your blog, I want my mom to read your posts.”
It had been ten years since I was writing, giving words to the fantasies in my head, creating cheesy poems for school crushes, and nothing had ever made me feel better than the text on my screen at that moment. Though I was in seven heavens when my first crush liked the poem I wrote for her. But sadly, two days later her boyfriend praised me for that as well. #StayAwayFromMyGirlAlert. Continue reading “The Kind Words…”

Me and Words!

I do not want to die.

“That’s silly. We all will die one day.” Someone from you would point me out here.
But NO, I do not want to die, neither today nor tomorrow, not in any day to come. Yet every morning when I wake up I am afraid. Afraid of dying, afraid that I will be forgotten after I am gone or worse, I would not be remembered at the first place. Continue reading “Me and Words!”


I had plans of pulling an all nighter, a night I wanted to dedicate to my new year resolutions and restarting the journal(which I am yet to), but by an hour after midnight and in the hope of taking a small nap, and telling myself ‘I wont fall asleep at all’, I mistakenly fell asleep. The next morning brought a huge shock for my cousin, two adjacent rooms of my floors had a theft, including my room. He lost a lot of things and I gained an untidier room.

Continue reading “Untidy.!”

New Year, New Me?

A week into another year, a week into new resolutions and a week into trying to get on the path. Even has a good length article about New Year’s Resolution, describing about the regions where it is famous and different religious origins to the tradition. It also stats about a study by Richard Wiseman where he found that 88% of those who had set new year resolution fail. Continue reading “New Year, New Me?”


“I read something. You will like it.” A friend suggested me to open and go through a story which she recently read.

“Everyone’s life is like a solar system. And that each one of us always put ourselves at the center, the sun. Every thought we have, every choice we make, every breath we take would always revolve around us. We’re all selfish beings designed to set ourselves as the top priority, put ourselves at the center.

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