‘What if his voice was like him as well?’ I thought, as I kept looking at the driver of the car I was sitting in. We never owned a car, and I hardly ever got much chances to sit in one and that too on the front seat, but still my eyes were focused on the driver. After all, he looked exactly like Amitabh Bachchan to me. He even sported that very French beard of his, maybe just to look more like him, except this man in front of me was thin and his voice too indifferent to sound like Amitabh’s.

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I had plans of pulling an all nighter, a night I wanted to dedicate to my new year resolutions and restarting the journal(which I am yet to), but by an hour after midnight and in the hope of taking a small nap, and telling myself ‘I wont fall asleep at all’, I mistakenly fell asleep. The next morning brought a huge shock for my cousin, two adjacent rooms of my floors had a theft, including my room. He lost a lot of things and I gained an untidier room.

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“I read something. You will like it.” A friend suggested me to open and go through a story which she recently read.

“Everyone’s life is like a solar system. And that each one of us always put ourselves at the center, the sun. Every thought we have, every choice we make, every breath we take would always revolve around us. We’re all selfish beings designed to set ourselves as the top priority, put ourselves at the center.

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